Chairs – Concept Designs – Slobodan Zhivkovski

It is an exhibition of different chair models for various contexts and usages which, actually, define the ergonomic, geometrical and the art characteristics of the shape and the materials. They are made of various wooden tiles, metal profiles, textile and synthetic materials with numerous textures and colorful processing. The models accept the industrial design, as well as the high-tech processes, with a range of variations in the secondary detail upgrades and of the choice of the fine materials and the colorful interpretations. In spite of the regular taking into consideration the industrial principles, the concepts offer an original art-design experience with a distinct personal style and represent a significant enrichment of the industrial aesthetics observation style. The art singularity and the concept-models are but a successful synthesis of the art-creative experience and the creative design methodology that, as a result, promote products with distinguished market and commercial features, necessary for the success of every product. Despite the distinguished art characteristics, the concepts’ important characteristic is also exploring the specific static-structural assemblies, which are, actually, the author’s innovations and which add up to the possibilities in the history of the creativity, more precisely in the field of the chair design. The concept-models are made by the author himself and are in their final phase. Moreover, they are the result of the multi decade dedication on the field concerned, as well as of the multi decade experience in the field of the design in general.


Slobodan Zhivkovski, a graduated architect, was born in Skopje, in 1949. He has graduated from the State Secondary Construction School in Skopje. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Skopje in 1979. During the period of 1981 –1982, he attended his post-graduate specialization in industrial design at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (E.N.S.A.D.) in Paris as a scholarship student of the French Government. Working experience:

1979 – Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia;

1983 – Makpetrol – designer, industrial and graphic designer;

1993 – freelance architect and designer.

He built two major works and one office building (W.T.C. – Soravia) in the very center of Skopje; about ten individual residential buildings and more than forty interior designs, catering facilities, office and shopping buildings, art galleries etc. Exhibitions: Е X P O ’98 – Lisbon, Venice.  Design projects and Skopje and Bitola signalitica project. He has participated in more than twenty architectural competitions with awarded conceptual designs and honorable mentions. He has won three main awards for projects and interior designs by the Macedonian Architecture Biennale. In 1989, he was also awarded the main Yugoslavian award for industrial design realization for the front module of a transport vehicle. Award for the folding stool design by V.I.A. – Paris, in 1982. “Zlaten most” award for furniture design in 1981. “Prvomajska” award for industrial design for electronic communication products – by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, in 1984 etc. He is the author of five solo exhibitions and has participated in more than thirty group exhibitions. He is a member of Association of Architects of Macedonia and the Macedonian Artists’ Association.