The Creation of the Woman: Galaxy 1

A collection of designer’s modifiable unisex shirts with a mixed application of handdrawn and digital print. The shirts’ design is but a transformation of West Macedonia’s folk costume of the male wedding shirt. The graphic prints (contemporary erotic curses and autoportrait motifs) are inspired by the myth of the creation of the woman (Adam, Eve and Lilith).

Aleksandra Jovanovska was born in Tetovo, in 1987. She has been working with the fashion designer Nikola Eftimov (as his assistant and as a fashion illustrator), but currently she is working as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Art and Design, European University, Skopje, where she has gained her M.A. in fashion design. She has graduated from the Accademia Italiana in Skopje, with the major in fashion design, and has also graduated from the State Secondary Art School in Skopje. She has participated in many group exhibitions and group fashion shows in Macedonia, Italy and Serbia. She has also worked on team projects and has been a mentor of fashion design courses at the Djolev & Arts Arts and Education Center.