#ARTificialFLY – Macedonian Fly – MAMKA (design project)


#ARTificialFLY – Macedonian Fly – MAMKA (design project). Author: Marija Miloshevska (ethnologist and designer), DOMINIUM CULTURAL HUB. Collaborators: Katerina Gjeroska (technologist/engineer/professor), Emilija Lazarevska (graphic artist/high conservator of icons). #ARTificialFLY – Macedonian Fly – MAMKA is a series of designed products which focus on the historic and cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia. The fact that the first written evidence of the existence of the fishing fly was found on this territory, is used for promotional purposes. MAMKA is an innovative approach to the development of creative industries through the fusion of traditional and contemporary, or history and industry. Link: www.dominium.mk