Geert De Taeye

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Geert De Taeye is a creative and multifaceted photographer, living in Brussels, who shoots advertising campaigns, portraits, landscapes, painting and movie-inspired pictures. This diversity has been essential for the young photographer to distinguish himself and forge a place within a culture dominated by ‘the image’. Geert’s approach is subtle and clever; combining flawless techniques, he photographs and rearranges what he sees, reinventing and manipulating what is actually taking place at a given moment in time. His visual re-semantization has the force of persuasion, irony and empathy. The truth is not always apparent, and his work never ceases to captivate. Clarity of thought and the creative process of imagemaking (lecture). In this reading I will be pleased to talk about my work in general, from advertising shots to the creative process and the execution of  my artworks. I will explain how I get to the final execution of an idea, which ideas worked out well, and how many did not work as I imagined them. The enchantment of the unpredictable. Some of my artwork series will be explained from start to finish. What I think is important and what I’m looking for in expressing myself through this medium. How to execute commissioned work, and how to compromise and still be happy with the results. Above all, I would like to share my passion for photography, and I hope to inspire many of you. Link.;е