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LEA SMEA (an illustrated tactile book). European University – Skopje, Faculty of Art and Design. Authors: Maja Gjureska Ma.Arch and Prof. Jana Maneva – Chuposka, PhD. Collaborators/students of Fashion and Graphic Design: Marija Nasteska, Snezhana Davitkova, Ana Petrova. LEA SMEA is an illustrated book for children, aged between 3 and 6. It is an educational and interactive product that stimulates the senses and promotes tactile learning. Reading books to infantsis not only a way of stimulating love towards childhood books and stories, but it is also important for developing the child’s vocabulary and speech. Visual stimulation by means of illustrated literature contributes to the development of the child’s creativity and imagination, as well. Tactile learning and the sense of touch are essential to the development of the child’s physical, cognitive and language skills, along with its social and emotional growth. Touching is not only imperative for short-term improvement of an infant’s sensory experiences during its early childhood, but also for the overall long-term development of the child. Link: http://eurm.edu.mk/