Ralf Gjoni

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Ralf Gjoni, FUTUR Public Affairs CEO. Ralf Gjoni has an extensive international experience having worked in the PR and Public Affairs industry since 2000 in the US, UK and the Balkans, boasting an extensive network of political and media contacts. Ralf has previously worked for Weber Shandwick Public Affairs in London and during the past 9 years has served as Spokes person and General Director of Communications at the Albanian Foreign Ministry as well as Chief Foreign Policy Advisor in Parliament. Ralf established FUTUR Public Affairs last year to serve the PR & Public Affairs market in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. He has graduated from King’s College London with an MA in International Relations. Workshop: SMART PR MEANS CREATIVE PR! The business world is changing really fast, and the PR industry is becoming more and more social and transformative. In order to manage the reputation of their clients, PR specialists are having to increasingly think outside the box and be more creative in order to make their target audience hear the story. With a multitude of social platforms and rapidly changing technology invading our daily lives, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. In such a vibrant and constantly changing landscape, companies and governments should move away from Lazy PR and focus their resources on Smart Creative PR. This interactive workshop will deal with today’s challenges in the PR market and discuss ways of how to move your storytelling to new levels of content interactivity and creativity which will interest your audience with measurable impact.